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Best Sports Betting on AW8 Online Casino Australia 2022

Reputation is a crucial consideration when it comes to a good sports betting site. Many sites have come up claiming to offer the perfect solution. But none does it better than AW8.

AW8 is a sport betting website that has been operating for several years now. They are dedicated to offering the highest quality services. Hence, it has the best experience to understand market needs.

The site has laid the highest standards for sport betting Australia. Gamblers will find a wide range of sports with different leagues and games.

They have the largest sportsbook on the market. Think about football, horse race, tennis, and much more. You will find it all here.

You will also find great sport betting tips here. AW8 is dedicated to making every customer a winner. And that is why they provide such tips.

Whether you are new to sport betting online or have been doing so for a long time, AW8 has your back. They offer different solutions to meet different needs.

Every game comes with a variety of bonuses and prizes. That means there is always something to expect.

Opening an account alone unlocks up to a 150% welcome bonus. You can then work on getting VIP bonuses as a loyal customer.

Customer care at AW8 is on another level. The team is always on standby to offer assistance. Ask a question or raise a concern, and they will respond immediately.

You will need to create an account to access these features. Luckily, it's not complicated. All you need is to provide a username and a password.

AW8 Famous Types of Sports Betting Games

AW8 is known for delivering the best sport betting odds on every game. And there is a wide range of sports to choose from. It's hard to mention all of them here. But we have picked the most famous options. This should make it easier for a beginner.


Football is a global sport that everyone enjoys. Even little kids know what this game is all about, and they play it too.

So, if you are a fan, then betting on your favorite teams and players is a great idea. It comes with different betting markets. Bettors can choose odds/even, over/under, win, number of goals, and the first team to score, among other markets.

Apart from betting, players can unlock different bonuses and prizes. Even a newbie will find an excellent way to win on football betting.


Do you love the action in the ring? Many people do. And that's what boxing is all about.

AW8 opens a whole world of different matches and tournaments. Their extensive betting markets increase your winning chances by a huge margin.

Find different international and local matches with great odds. They include heavy, medium, and lightweight championships. Pick your match and place your wager.


Baseball is another sporting game that is popular in Australia. Initially, it was not played here. But today, it has become part of the culture.

You need a great online sports betting platform to benefit from baseball matches. The game offers one of the widest betting markets.

There are hundreds of baseball tournaments happening every day. And you have a chance to bet on different offers. Even if you don't know much about the game, you can easily win.


Find the best cricket matches happening locally and internationally, and place your wager. You can create a list of different matches and use the multi-bet option for the biggest win.

Bet on the winner, number of runs, faults, and best players. Each market promises the best odds, letting one choose the biggest wins.

So, even if you are new to the game, there is still a way to win. The platform offers live score results too. Follow up on every game as the action unfolds. You will also find several cricket betting tips.

Types of Sports Betting Markets

Most sport betting sites have the same betting markets. It's crucial to understand how they work to make the best out of them. Here are some of the famous types you should know.


Over/under is a popular betting market in sportsbook Australia. The idea here is simple. The bookmaker sets a specific number of goals, points, or runs. Then you bet whether the final result will be over or under the set threshold.


A straight win is the easiest betting type. Where two or more teams are competing, you bet on the most likely team to win after a set period. In soccer, for instance, you bet on the winner for halftime or for full time.


Margin betting is a bit more complex than the above. In this case, the bookmaker breaks down the number of possible results into points margins. A bettor must choose both the winner and the winning margin to win the bet. A margin can be a narrow range or a wider one.

Top Features of AW8 Online Sportsbook

AW8 creates the perfect atmosphere for sports betting. AW8 sportsbook site has the best features you can think of on this market. They include:

a. Wide range of sports

AW8 sport betting offers the widest game portfolio. Bet on football, horse racing, netball, hockey, and much more. They all come from trusted sportsbook providers.

b. Highest bonuses and payouts

Get the sport betting sign up bonus when you create an account and work on unlocking more. AW8 prides itself on giving the highest sport betting payout. This is one of the reasons it has grown this famous.

c. Mobile betting

Download the sportsbook software on your phone and enjoy the convenience of mobile gambling. The site is compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems. It can't get any easier.

d. Great customer care service

The friendly team at AW8 sports betting is always ready to offer assistance. Ask your questions or raise your concern at any time, and they will respond. They offer a 24/7 service.

Why Australian Love Free Online Slots AW8?

Free online slots on AW8 offer a unique experience. It brings fun in a huge package. Australians love them so much because they can play their favorite games without money.

i. Fun and excitement

Even playing for real money opens a chance to win online slot free spins. Gamers can play for fun and learn more about the games.

ii. Bonuses

You can unlock an online slot no deposit bonus by playing these free games. With such a win, you can play more games, including jackpots. Get thrilled, entertained, and excited with online free slots every minute of the day.

iii. Play from anywhere and at any time

The beauty of online slots is the ability to play from anywhere. It does not require you to go to any special place. Hence, it’s easy for Australians to access them.

Best Mobile Sport Betting Apps on AW8 Online Casino Australia

Mobile gambling has become very popular. It offers the most convenient way to access sport betting sites Australia.

AW8 works with reputable sports betting software companies. This ensures customers get the most exclusive mobile gambling experience. They include:

i. SBObet

More than 1500 sporting events every week. Get extensive coverage of all the major leagues from your mobile.

ii. CMD368

Enjoy a wide range of sports from around the globe. Follow up the matches live and pick your best market.

iii. Saba-Sports

This is one sport betting mobile app that will never disappoint you. Its intuitive interface makes accessing the games a walk in the park.

iv. M8-Sports

Every sport betting fan knows m-8 Sports. Their sportsbook is quite vast and very handy.

Some Useful Sport Betting Tips

You do know how to win sport betting. It looks easy, but it's not. And that is why we have shared a few tips here to help you get started.

Tips 1: Understand the different markets

Knowing what a sports betting market is can help you make more informed decisions. That is where winning begins. The most famous markets include:

  • Favorites vs. Underdogs
  • Spreads
  • Moneyline
  • Totals/ Over-Under

Tips 2: Pick a sport and focus on it

A wide sportsbook can be a bit too much to handle. You won't know which games to pick or how to analyze them. And that is why you must choose a favorite game.

If you like soccer, focus your bets on that. It's to bet with what you are good at than doing so blindly.

Tips 3: Learn how to place a bet

If you already have a favorite sport, placing a bet should not be hard. Sports bettors in Australia have different options to pick from. Start by learning what the odds mean. Click on the market directly, and a page with an explanation will pop up.

Tips 4: Have a budget

It's easy to get overwhelmed and enter into debts when betting. It's therefore advisable that you set a budget and stick to it.

There will be good days and bad ones. Whatever the case, staying calm in every play can keep you from making wrong judgments. We advise that you follow a flat-betting approach.

Exclusive Sport Betting Bonus & Promotion AW8 Australia

Every sportsbook online casino offers a welcome bonus. The sport betting bonus on AW8 aims to encourage bettors to play more. It goes beyond the normal and delivers on its promise.

Unlock the exclusive sport betting promotions and bonuses by signing up. Then, start betting for a chance to get these prizes.

The sports betting promotion includes a welcome bonus for new players (up to 100%) and the VIP program. Play more to win more prizes.

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