Best Casino VIP Program on AW8 Online Casino Australia 2022

Casino VIP program is the best and most popular loyalty reward casinos providers offer their most loyal users. AW8 members from other regions have access to it.

The VIP program is launching soon on AW8 Australia but this article highlights the benefit of being the best casino VIP program. AW8 has already launched their VIP program in other countries.

AW8, being one of the most innovative and all-encompassing gaming websites available, is dedicated to providing the greatest experience possible for its members.

They provide the latest and best in everything from game options to service standards. AW8 casino VIP program is meant to give loyal clients more than enough reasons to keep them as their primary source of entertainment.

Advantages For Joining AW8 Casino VIP Club

Joining the AW8 casino VIP club definitely has its rewards. The program as mentioned earlier is meant to reward the most loyal members of the casino.

There are four VIP levels on AW8, automatically making your first deposit puts you in the first level i.e silver. Here are some advantages of being in the AW8 VIP club:

Deposits and withdrawal

On the AW8 online casino VIP program, there is a priority deposit & withdrawal of different levels on each VIP level. When on silver you enjoy a regular speed, everyone who deposits into AW8 is automatically placed here.

VIP gold is higher than the silver category. On the gold level, the transactions are much faster than silver. Your deposits and withdrawals are processed faster.

Platinum and the final VIP level Diamond enjoy the highest priority with their transactions. When you make a deposit or withdrawal AW8 treats it as first priority and it is processed immediately.

Special bonuses

Casino VIP rewards are higher than what you would receive as a regular player. Do not forget that regular players are put on the silver level. Here are the special bonuses for VIPs:

  • VIP Silver - $30 birthday bonus, 2% weekly loss cashback and daily rebate of 0.6%
  • VIP Gold - 3% weekly loss cashback, 0.8% daily rebate and also all VIP reload bonus.
  • VIP Platinum - 4% weekly loss cashback, 1% daily rebate an all VIP reload bonus, all special events, all festival gifts and a travel for 2 event(3D2N LOCAL TRAVEL) 
  • VIP Diamond -  5% weekly loss cashback, 1% daily rebate an all VIP reload bonus, all special events, all festival gifts and a travel for 2 event (5D4N OVERSEA TRAVEL)

Unique bank account

There is a dedicated bank account for players who reach VIP Platinum and Diamond. Players on silver and gold don’t qualify for this. This is another advantage that comes with climbing the ladder all the way up.

AW8 offers one of the best online casino VIP programs, properly rewarding players who are loyal to AW8 with quicker transactions. This is a feature that can come in really handy when you want to deposit or withdraw.

Account manager

Having your account manager can be a really cool thing. This is an exclusive feature to players who have reached the last two levels- Platinum and Diamond. You get your dedicated account manager on AW8 once this level is reached.

How AW8 VIP Programs Work?

The VIP program on AW8 is divided into four levels: silver, gold, platinum, and diamond. Members of the AW8 VIP program receive special deals, prizes, and bonuses, as well as priority service.

They have provided them with everything they require to have a fantastic gaming experience. The purpose of having a tier-based VIP loyalty program casino is to provide motivation for members to upgrade as well as upgrade privileges.

Though the AW8 VIP program encourages users to meet the requirements for a VIP tier and subsequently progress up the tier ladder, its primary goal/concern is for members, particularly VIP members, to be satisfied.

How To Get Started?

Follow the steps below to become an AW8 VIP member:

  1. Make the minimum required deposit within 30 days of account opening. Once this is done, you’ll be automatically moved to the lowest VIP level.
  2. Use the AW8 live chat to get your documents verified by customer support 
  3. The system will verify your account within 2 working days 
  4. After verification, you can begin to enjoy the benefits that come with being an AW8 VIP member.

All first-time deposits require a verification to move to any of the four levels. Once the verification is done, here is the minimum deposit required to reach each level:

  • Silver - $50,000
  • Gold - $150,000
  • Platinum - $300,000
  • Diamond - By invitation

Why Should You Become a AW8 VIP Member?

The Acewin8 VIP Club offers a plethora of casino VIP rewards, perks and awards. You will receive exclusive benefits and privileges as a devoted member of AW8's VIP Program.

The program entitles you to the best bonuses and privileges, as well as priority customer care and assistance.

VIP members receive daily rebates ranging from 0.6% to 1%. Other advantages include a guaranteed weekly loss of up to 5%, a birthday bonus, VIP reload bonuses, special event awards, festival presents, and much more.

How to Choose the Best VIP Casino Site Program in Online Casino Australia?

When choosing a casino site with the best VIP, there are certain things you should be on the lookout for.

These are the features all good VIP casino site programs have. As an Australian looking for the best casino VIP rewards. Here are some things to look out for:

i. Do your own research on online casinos and their VIP programs

Look up reviews of the site you're considering on the web. Do some basic research using a search engine that will provide you with a fairly accurate review of any gambling site right away.

Check to see if each site is completely licensed and authorized by reputable bodies. Analyze the variety of games, bonuses, and banking options available, as well as the customer service channels to see if they are friendly and knowledgeable.

ii. Find out the perks and benefits you like in VIPs

Find perks and benefits that you would appreciate if you wanted to be a part of the casino VIP room. You wouldn't want to join a program without first conducting research and discovering that you don't particularly love the program's offerings. 

If you're going to put in a lot of time and effort into a VIP program, make sure you enjoy the benefits that come with it.

iii. Read the terms and conditions under a VIP program completely

Ensure you understand all of the terminologies so you don't miss anything! It would be a shame if you only used a portion of your online casino's VIP program's potential rewards, perks, or benefits.

Becoming a AW8 VIP Club Member Comes With All Kinds Of Benefits!

A casino offer for individuals who have bet on the same betting household for a long time is known as the VIP program.

A VIP bonus can be used for any game, including live casino games, slot machines, fishing games, and sports betting. Different unique offers are included in VIP promotions to reward members for their loyalty.

The AW8 VIP program is a mechanism for users to be rewarded for their continued participation in the game. AW8 VIP offers a variety of benefits, including increased cash rebates, bonus points, a raffle, and prizes.

The VIP promotion is frequently the most appealing perk. While the money will improve your winnings and bankroll, the additional points will allow you to advance in the VIP program.

AW8 is one of those online casino sites where customers receive an unending list of bonuses and rewards for joining the platform and playing games.

Many of the above-mentioned programs have yet to be added to the Australian version of AW8. They'll be added soon, just like they are on AW8 Malaysia. On the AW8 website, you may discover more about the different special deals.

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